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Trusted Licensed Insolvency Trustees in Vancouver and Surrey

Crowe MacKay & Company has provided debt solutions and financial relief in the Greater Vancouver area for more than 50 years. Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees will take the time to understand your financial situation in depth and provide custom options to give you stability while ensuring all your rights are respected and your debt is handled correctly. 

If you are feeling the pressure of excessive debt and high monthly payments, we can help you take control of your condition and give you a new lease on life. You can count on our team of experienced debt professionals and Licensed Insolvency Trustees in Vancouver and Surrey to be by your side at every step of the process with clear explanations and reliable service. Get in touch with us to know how we can help you achieve a debt-free future.

Our Insolvency Services

Get help for your personal debt icon

Get Help for Your Personal Debt

Our debt solutions can help you manage your personal debt.

Dealing with corporate bankruptcy icon

Dealing with Corporate Bankruptcy?

Our business solutions cover areas such as bankruptcy, restructuring and receivership.

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Need Forensic Accounting?

Rely on our certified fraud examiners for specialized forensic accounting services.

Our Services

Crowe MacKay & Company offers the following financial assistance and advice:

  • Personal

    • Consumer Proposal involves an agreement between you and your creditors. It is flexible and can be tailored to fit your unique situation, as it outlines how you will repay your debts and stop collection calls while keeping your assets.

    • Ordinary Proposal applies to individuals or businesses with more complex situations involving debts over $250,000.

    • Bankruptcy is a federally legislated process that is meant to provide relief from your debt obligations if you are insolvent and unable to meet your obligations.

    • Debt Solutions and Restructuring refers to strategic options and plans to help reduce your amount of debt, clear your payments and improve your credit score.

  • Corporate

    • Corporate Restructuring can be informal or formal which, depends on the complexity and amount of debt a company has accumulated.

    • Corporate Bankruptcy, either voluntary or involuntary, facilitates the investigation into the affairs of the company and the orderly and fair distribution of the company’s property among its creditors if and when it is unable to pay its debts.

    • Receivership works to help you recover the maximum value of your loans if a company owes you money and you hold a perfected security interest against them.

    • Forensic Accounting is a specialized practice that involves the investigation of potential crimes in finance and generally includes cases related to insurance fraud, embezzlement, banking crimes and other accounting discrepancies.

      You can browse through our blog and FAQs for some helpful information on the financial solutions that are available to you. Please give us a call to book your appointment and speak with our Licensed Insolvency Trustees in Vancouver and Surrey.

Common Questions about Debt Relief

Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees are experienced and qualified to answer all your questions about personal and corporate debt. From identifying imminent financial trouble to providing commercial and personal debt relief options, we are committed to educating you so you feel confident and informed. Depending on your income, the amount of debt you have, your monthly financial commitments, and your future goals, we can recommend the best way forward and assist you with all legal and documentation processes.

Our Trusted Insolvency Experts

Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees can help you make informed decisions by providing you with clear, strategic options. You can trust us to use our experience and knowledge as we deal with your creditors and safeguard your interests to give you the financial relief you deserve.

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Now I'm enjoying life and living completely debt-free!

Crystal was such a comforting and kind human to have the pleasure to deal with. Not only did she (and the rest of the team) help me to reduce my debt but she also taught me how to budget and never get caught in this position again. Now I'm enjoying life and living completely debt-free! I owe it to this wonderful company for a new lease on life!

Lisa Klein - 09/10/2020

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If you’re ready to start managing your debt, book a free consultation with our Licensed Insolvency Trustees by giving us a call at (604) 591 6181, emailing us at, or by filling in the form below.

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